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Why do people play Digital Games?

What really motivates a gamer when picking a new game? what are the emotional paths he experiences while hacking his way through monsters or plowing his farm with daily rows of fresh carrots?

Well, seems that games answer a clear and definite need; The need for Entertainment. Many investors and entrepreneurs have a hard time swallowing such an answer, but Entertainment (Print, Digital, TV, etc) is a real need of modern society. Its not a "nice to have", its not "i can survive without it". Its a real need that has become part of our life and draws us to experience new products and consumer patterns. 

So, why do we play games? 
Social gamers spend more than half (54%) of their time on social networking sites playing
games. In addition to playing social games (39%), social gamers also spend 15% of their time playing non social games

Two-thirds (69%) of social game players also play other types of video games including
casual and/or hardcore games. Almost three-fourth (73%) of social game players in the UK play other games, compared to 67% of US social game players.

A recommendation from a friend, relative or colleague (60%) is the number one factor influencing the selection of social games, followed by the familiarity with the title/played a similar game elsewhere (46%)

The majority (95%) of those surveyed play social games multiple times a week with
34% playing several times a day, 30% playing once a day and 31% playing 2 to 3 times
a week

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Hi Erez, could you please quote the source of the data in this website?